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About Us

Cheer Perfection Studios was formed in June 2014 by Sandy and Linden 
Feldman to provide superior training facilities for cheerleading teams, dance 
teams, and tumbling.  Doors opened on August 1,  2014.
Our daughter has been cheering since 2008. After many seasons of cheering, one of the most frustrating things parents encountered was having our kids out in the elements throughout the season. When they start conditioning in July or August, the hot summer sun beat down on them, making it an even harder work out! Practices out on the football fields were long and at times unbearable for them. By the time late October rolled around, it was too dark to even see each other and the weather had turned cool. Forget December with the cold, the wind and the rain!

There were few facilities in San Jose that could accommodate the larger cheer teams for practices and the ones that did, filled up fast, leaving teams to find alternative, less accommodating facilities in which to practice. It became clear to us that the coaches and cheerleading teams needed a designated cheer facility to practice in. So we created one. Our intent is to cater to the needs of coaches and cheerleaders to further enhance their cheer experience.  At Cheer Perfection Studios, we have provided a state-of-the-art cheer facility DESIGNED with CHEERLEADERS in MIND and have paid special attention to the needs of todays cheerleader.
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